Boryana Petkova, corlinea, 2021, in situ wall drawing, graphite, exhibition view Brigitte March ICA, Stuttgart

© Boryana Petkova, guardian, 2021, performance, installation view ICA, Sofia, 2021






NOV. 28, 2021

11 A.M. - 3 P.M




EXHIBITION NOV. 28, 2021 - JAN. 7, 2022 

© Boryana Petkova, pinned dreams, 2021, videostill, photo Deyan Parouchev

© Boryana Petkova, SeeN, 2020, c-video

© Boryana Petkova, pinned dreams, 2021, c-video, video @deyanparouchev, music @mr.smiff

Boryana Petkova, born in Sofia in 1985, lives and works in Paris. Brigitte March Gallery is pleased to present the Bulgarian artist's first solo exhibition in Germany. The exhibition shows GUARDIAN, a performative wall drawing and installation, LINES OF DESIRE (in German Trampelpfad), performative drawings & videos. Her conceptual approach to space, time and objects is visible throughout her performances, wall drawings and objects. The videos for the installations, in the same way as the performative drawings, focus on physical and psychological inner tensions and constraints. It is first of all us, our own constraint and limit, that the artist express in her performances and wall drawings which act as a mirror, an imprint for the spectator. The body is her main tool,  measure and limit. It is the concept of the universal body that interests Boryana Petkova in her research.

 The exhibition is sponsored by Neustart Kultur and Stiftung KunstFonds Bonn.


© Brigitte March International Contemporary Art