"These nineteen ink drawings were made in response to the coronavirus and to headlines from New York Times International Edition newspaper published during March and April 2020. All of them refer to some aspect of COVID-19.

The drawings are not literal interpretations but rather vehicles for reflecting on the contents of the headlines and aspects of our current situation with the virus".
"All of the newspaper clippings from the New York Times international edition which I chose for this work deal with the international lockdown due to COVID-19 between March and June 2020. They deal with themes of isolation, loneliness, abuse, equipment shortages, death, the effect of the virus on the climate, the economy, science, medical workers, and leadership. Articles dealing with the reopening of society are not a part of this series.
When I first started quarantine in Tübingen, Germany on 4 March 2020 the number of worldwide cases was 86,604 and the number of coronavirus related deaths 2,977. Today as I write this on May 23, 2020, cases of infection with the virus worldwide number 5,328,662; deaths: 340,429, with 2,175,290 recoveries worldwide. The numbers are still climbing even as different countries have achieved varying degrees of success in dealing with the pandemic. In March 2020 I began clipping pieces of the daily New York Times and taping them to the walls of the studio in order to visually attain an overview.  Eventually I decided the physical clippings needed to be a part of the work and the verso became as important as the recto. These nineteen ink drawings were made in response to the coronavirus and refer to some aspect of COVID-19.  They are not literal interpretations but vehicles for reflection on aspects of the pandemic and our current situation with the virus. We are all in this together. The work was made during April and May 2020 and is currently on exhibit at Brigitte March International Art in Stuttgart until October 2020".
© Morgan O‘Hara 2020

© Brigitte March International Contemporary Art