Morgen O'Hara


"GONDOLIERI / GONDOLIERA Letterpress edition


There are 433 men who work as gondolieri in Venice and one woman, Giorgia Boscolo. I made this piece to honor her for her determination and success. Other women are now in training but she was first. There is no word in Italian for a professional female rower of a gondola because the Venetian male gondoliers have maintained an exclusive boys’ club for the past 1,000 years. The word Gondoliera has yet to enter the Italian vernacular but hopefully it will

soon. Georgia Boscolo came from a long line of gondolier relatives. She became a licensed gondoliera in 2010." (Morgan O'Hara)


Media: 100 year old handcarved wooden numbers and letters hand printed on handmade paper

Dimensions: A4 21 x 29,5 cm / 8.4 x 11.75 inches
Edition: 12 signed and numbered

Signed and numbered. 


3.000,00 €

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