Morgan O'Hara : Interview

Nineteen Forms of Containment


© Morgan O'Hara © Brigitte March 2020

© photo Valentin Marquardt



Morgan O'Hara : Film

3 Live Transmissions


© Morgan O'Hara © film Candida Richardson





Timm Ulrichs : Interview

Early Works since 1961

Eine Tautologie ist eine Tautologie ist eine...


© Timm Ulrichs 1961/2018  

© Brigitte March ICA  2018



Ugo Dossi : Interview

Vortex-Key-drawing, painting, object (1979- 2019)


© Ugo Dossi 

© Brigitte March ICA 2019







Boryana Petkova 28/11/2021-07/01/2022 

Brigitte March ICA Stuttgart


Boryana Petkova | performance drawings, objects, video


Brigitte March ICA is pleased to announce our  collaboration

with Boryana Petkova (Bulgaria). The artist lives and works

in Paris.

Her conceptual approach to space, time and objects is visible

thoughout her performances, graphite drawings and objects.

In short-cut videos the inner psychological space takes form

through disruptive imperatives.


Boryana Petkova

Ligne de Désire2021

graphite drawing

220 x 120 cm

© Boryana Petkova 2021

© photo Deyan Parouchev


© Brigitte March International Contemporary Art