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OPENING SEP 16, 2022

SEP 16 - OCT 16, 2022






Meno Parkas Gallery and Brigitte March I C A are pleased to show CONCEPTUAL REFLEXIONS & SITE SPECIFIC WORKS at KAUNAS 2022 - EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE on view at Meno Parkas Gallery from September 16 to October 16, 2022. During the opening, Morgan O'Hara will perform  LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings. On Saturday 17 September, a session of HANDWRITING THE CONSTITUTION will take place at the Meno Parkas Gallery, open to the public.




Myra Brooklyn's installation 'the earth wants to breathe' (1983/2020), a handwritten text displayed on the wall, emphasises the existential and significant nature of breathing — particularly in the context of climate change and peace issues after the tragedy of New York in 2020 as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. 


Ugo Dossi is related to the gallery since 1979-80. Through him, Brigitte March knew the exhibition space 'Lothringer Strasse 13' in Munich. 'Bilder, Symbole, Zeichen' (1983)  followed 1985 by the workshop and exhibition 'Prozess und Konstruktion'. Since that time, Lawrence Weiner, Les Levine, Yutaka Matsuzawa or Charles Gaines were shown in the gallery in Stuttgart. In Kaunas, Ugo Dossi's Cosmos (1981) and a boomerang of the mid 80's, universal signs, imagery or symbols are his tools.


Jean Le Gac's large pastel on canvas in the style of the 30's-40's combines narrative texts with photography. The scene is in Bretagne at the border of the Atlantic Sea where the artist painted the landscape with its rocks as a standard painters activity and emphasises on a splendid Arabian caftan related to one of the painter's dreams and narrations. The protagonist of the stories in the works by Jean Le Gac is the painter. The painter as a fictional character is travelling all over the world living adventures.

'La Promenade au Phare' (2009) refers to Virginia Woolf's roman of the same title — 'To The Lighthouse' of 1927 focusing clearly on thinking and on philosophical introspection. The aspect of literature in Jean Le Gac's work is always present. 


Morgan O'Hara's performance 'Live-Transmission-Drawings', an activity of drawing with several pencils in her right and left hand transcribes movements on paper fixing the untouchable on a simple drawing paper. The title at the bottom constructed like a cartography describes exactly the location — where she's drawing, the date and the exact hour. 

Morgan O'Hara is invited to perform Live-Transmission-Drawings during the opening on Sep. 16, 2022. 'Handwriting The Constitution' (Nov. 2016) is a social art project of resistance. The idea of writing a democratic constitution through copying, is to celebrate and reflect human rights. The project takes place at the Meno Parkas Gallery on Sep. 17, 2022.


'Aller - Retour' (2017), a video installation by Antoni Muntadas is based on a work produced for the inauguration of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) in Marseille in 2013, is underlining the exchanges of the cities and their culture around the Mediterranean Sea. Muntadas was filming the Sea in Barcelona — the home city of the artist, Marseille — the city of MuCEM, Venice, Greece, Alexandria and Tunis. On the screen, the texts appear and disappear as whitecaps in the rhythm of the regular waves. The languages used for the philosophical, sociological and political texts are those spoken around the Mediterranean Sea: Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and in Latin. 


Since 1985, Patrick Raynaud uses large scale flight cases and transport boxes combined with diasec photography lit with neon light. The forms are in-situ sculptures with illuminated photography. Patrick Raynaud's work entitled "Monet's postcards" (1992) on seven postcard holders includes a fragmentation of a photographic reproduction of the Nymphéas by Claude Monet. Monet started his series of the water lilies in 1889 and created 250 paintings, an issue for Patrick Raynaud to conceptualise the mediation of art. In front of the installation are two bath tubs, "Monet's Bassines" (1991) and "Bathing Beauties" (1991), diasec photographs mounted on tubes. These images are quoted from famous paintings of art history. The concept is founded on the "movable in-situ", in French "l'in-situ déménageable".


Daniel Schörnig's site specific installation entitled "Neue Informationen über eine gesuchte Person", 2022 is using 300 multi-sheet copies in a standard DIN-format dispersed under a cover foil fixed by 50 red bricks. The image on the copies is not readable. The idea of the installation is based on a standard sentence of East Germany in the 80's and 90's where Daniel Schörnig grew up. The sentence "Die gesuchte Person irrt vermutlich orientierungslos umher" — "The lost person is presumably errant and walking around disoriented" was frequently diffused by the radio and is related to reports of missing persons. This installation is an in-situ form of the initial presentation at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig in 1995.


Timm Ulrichs is presenting "image-magie" (1961/2018) a text work from 1961 that the artist was reflecting in a new visual manner as an in-situ installation at Brigitte March I C A in 2018. The installation is made of adhesive black tape and presenting four white squares on the wall. Each square includes a word — the first three squares are showing the word "image" and the last square — using the reading direction from left to right — is the anagram of the word "image" — in French "magie". The text "image-magie" was first published in a book entitled "Concrete poetry" by Erich Gombringer. The presentation of the four squares are based on the installation entitled "bild-Bild" (1966), part of the permanent collection of conceptual art at the Kunstmuseum in Stuttgart.


Lawrence Weiner Studio is proposing FLAGS FOLDED OUT OF SIGHT OF THE BARRICADE (2022). A sculpture conceived by Lawrence Weiner in 1989 for a project on the 200 anniversary of the French Revolution at Brigitte March ICA. 

The initial project included 13 flags entitled FLAGS FOLDED OUT OF SIGHT OF THE BARRICADE 1789 (1989). The first presentation of the sculpture took place at ART Frankfurt in 1989. 


For conceptual art, the exhibition "When Attitudes Become Form" (1969) curated by Harald Szeemann, Kunsthalle Bern, was of central importance. 



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Conceptual Reflexions — Site specific Works curated by Brigitte March & Danielle March

Sep 16 - Oct 16, 2022


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